Postdoctoral opportunity in Paleotranscriptomics

We have an exciting postdoctoral position available in the field of Paleotranscriptomics!! 

The interdisciplinary position is shared between the groups of professor Love Dalen, affiliated with the Swedish Museum of Natural History and the Centre for Palaeogenetics ( and associate professor Marc Friedlander, affiliated with Stockholm University and SciLifeLab (

Our group is part of a larger vibrant international collaborative environment and seeks to address fundamental questions in RNA biology, by applying quantitative approaches such as single-cell RNA sequencing, various high-throughput screening methods and advanced computational biology. 

The postdoctoral researcher will focus on the discovery and characterization of RNA complements of ancient tissue samples of extinct animal species such as the woolly mammoth, with emphasis on regulatory microRNA molecules.

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Further information can be provided by Marc Friedlander, email: or Love Dalen, email:

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