Nuclear gene proximity and protein interactions shape transcript covariances in mammalian single cells

Tarbier, M., Mackowiak, S.D., Frade, J. et al. Nat Commun 11 (2020)

Our latest study on gene co-expression in single-cells just got published in Nature Communications! Subtle differences between virtually identical cells are actually footprints of gene regulation. Excitingly, miRNA targeting and nuclear proximity (both intra- and inter-chromosomal) induce gene co-expression! And even better, these single-cell covariations are predictive of function and regulation. 

It was a great collaborative effort that got started as an investigation into alternative miRNA functions at the CRG in Barcelona in 2013 by João, Silvina, Diego, Luis and Marc. In 2015 Marcel and Sebastian took over and found exciting covariation patterns that could be traced back not only to miRNA but also transcriptional regulation. Big thanks to all authors and colleagues who contributed in small and big ways!

Read the full paper here.