130-year-old RNA molecules recovered from the extinct Tasmanian tiger

Mármol-Sánchez, Emilio et al. “Historical RNA expression profiles from the extinct Tasmanian tiger.” Genome research, 10.1101/gr.277663.123. 18 Jul. 2023, doi:10.1101/gr.277663.123

In our groundbreaking latest study, we have uncovered the hidden secrets of ancient RNA molecules within a preserved Tasmanian tiger specimen. This collaboration between SciLifeLab and the Centre for Palaeogenetics (CPG) at Stockholm University offers vital insights into extinct species’ transcriptomes, with implications for species resurrection and pandemic RNA virus research.

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Marc Friedländer receives a consolidator grant from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) 

Marc Friedländer has been awarded a consolidator grant from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) for the project “Intrinsic synchronization of gene activity”. This will enable our research in single-cell biology for the next five years!


Internship in Co-profiling of protein and RNA expression in single cells

We are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic master’s student to join the team for a 4-months research internship (ECTS or paid) starting September 2021

The focus of this research project is to study novel microRNA-mediated functions in single cells by implementing an innovative single-cell protein and RNA co-profiling technique. Under close supervision by a postdoctoral researcher, the student will apply several molecular biology techniques such as proximity extension assay (PEA), microfluidic cell sorting, antibody conjugation, PCR, electrophoresis and RNA sequencing. Experience in molecular and cellular biology are required, with possibility in gaining insight into bioinformatics sequencing analysis. Finally, successful contribution to the project would be acknowledged as co-authorship on a research publication.

If you are interested in joining an international team of ambitious and friendly scientists, please send your CV and motivation letter describing your background and research interest to Marc Friedländer (marc.friedlander@scilifelab.se).

Update: this position is no longer available.