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We are always looking for talented post docs, PhD students and undergraduate students with wet-lab or dry-lab background to join our team.

Our new colleagues will benefit from the dynamic research environments of our host research institute SciLifeLab and host department MBW at Stockholm University.



Internship in single-cell miRNA targeting and function

starting date as soon as possible, duration 3-4 month

Place: Stockholm University/SciLifeLab

Background: miRNAs are short non-coding RNAs around 22 nucleotides in length, which post-transcriptionally down-regulate gene expression. miRNAs guide the RNAi-induced silencing complex and bind to cognate mRNA targets in a sequence-specific manner. miRNA target identification is a challenging task, which relies on both experimental and extensive computational analyses. There currently does not exist any experimental techniques to identify miRNA targeting in single cells.

Goal: To assist in developing a new method to identify simultaneously miRNAs, their targets and the interaction between them in the single cells.

Requirements: We are looking for a student with a strong interest in RNA biology. Ideally, candidates have basic experience in laboratory methods used in molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, and microscopy.