Group members

Marc Friedländer, PhD

Principal investigator
Assistant professor

My key aim for the group is to address fundamental questions in RNA biology by bringing numbers and quantitative statements to the field.

+46 73 712 1558

Inna Biryukova, PhD

Senior scientist and lab manager

Biologist interested in RNA-based regulation of neurogenesis, development and innate immunity, quantitative and systems biology.

Bastian Fromm, PhD

Senior researcher

The center of my research is the evolution of microRNAs, their function and roles in disease such as cancer, host-parasite interactions and the corresponding molecular basis of quantitative changes in their expression. I am Molecular Biologist by training and use bioinformatics methods for genome wide pan-metazoan miRNA complement analyses. I am experienced in working with NGS data and the annotation of novel miRNAs (

Wenjing Kang

PhD student

I am interested in the biogenesis of microRNAs in mammalian cells, especially for pri-miRNA processing. Beside this, I’m also developing pipelines for quality control of small RNA-Seq data.

Vaishnovi Sekar

PhD student

I am interested in the regulatory functions of microRNAs and the interaction with their targets in an individual cell. For this, I analyze highly custom single cell transcriptome data and integrate these into a mathematical model describing microRNA functions.

Marcel Tarbier

PhD student

My main focus is on understanding the impact of different layers of transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation on global gene expression patterns. To do so I mainly analyse data from single-cell RNA-sequencing.


Yrin Eldfjell

Software developer, webmaster and photographer

I am a software developer and MSc computer science student whose primary affiliation with the group is as the key developer for miRTrace. Additionally I am the group webmaster and photographer.

Till Schwämmle


I am a recent graduate in Developmental, Neural and Behavioral Biology from the University of Göttingen. During my internship I will support the group in wet-lab practices such as the creation of fusion proteins.

Former group members

Franziska Bonath, PhD
Post-doc, 2015-2018

Sebastian Mackowiak, PhD
Post-doc, 2015-2018

Etka Yapar
Erasmus student, 2017

Kostas Tsirigos
Intern, computational researcher, 2017

Silvana Sidhom
Erasmus student, 2017

Nam Vu
Intern, 2016

Samuel Gerner
Erasmus student, 2016

Stefanie Ende
Erasmus student, 2016